Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Another Day And No Dollar

Well,it's a dog eat dog world and i'm wearing milkbone underware. got my Grant
app so i will be busy in the am not to am mind you. i can use same estimates from last year,material went up by 5% or so. i type slow but with new keyboard ,it is hard to get used . im even slower if thats possible. my grandson dougie stopped by and had chili with me,made my day,try and get kirk over today. my bro was out bombing around on his scooter,went up to see our sis. he can run to the store if he needs anything,good for his independance. still trying to find work i'll even play banjo if i have to [shovel operator] a little manual labour or labor depends on which side of border your from. either way it's hard work. still trying to find someone to test my mike with i'd sooner talk at least till i can become a 2 finger typer. maybe i could buy that program that types what you say, first thing on my list when i win 649 or get a job. odds are about the same. maybe i should dye my hair it used to be dark black till i moved back home. now im very distingushed looking spelling error but you get the picture. well i better hit the sack another big day og blogging and grammatical butchering. if you want good grammer your in the wrong place but please come back. " i 'll Be Back" thats how you do that. .........later


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