Saturday, September 18, 2004


what have i been up to u ask ,well let me tell u. i happened on a site and this gentleman was offering invites for g-mail. i read on line you have to be invited. so i figured i may as well ask in a round about way,happen to mention i got one from Kevin Rose
he had 4,000 to give away. well i got 1 gave info asked for and lost it. same place missing socks and dead elephants go is where it went. a little glitch i had to send test e-mails to all my addresses in order to get them imported to my address book. 2 of us tried but could not import them , but persistance pays off. have to work on my proposal in the morning only got 2 weeks to get it in. second time is a charm so they say,only had 2 days last year to get one in wasnt very good. did i mention i love my firefox it's so nice not to get a red screen every time i boot up. i had all kinds of problems with internet explorer and i was not alone. firefox has almost 800,000 new subscribers,ther goal 1,000,000 in 10 days thers 7 left. complete your life with firefox and g-mail. well my 3 dogs going nuts outside prpbably that damn bear again. if you hear me yell call for


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