Thursday, September 23, 2004

"my blog is missing" empty your pockets

I don't know what i did but i lost my blog for a couple of days. i go to blog and get blank page instead. had to try remember what i did first time,i did somthing right cause i can see it now. don't know exactly what i did ,but who cares. it's back. still working on my proposal,have get sent by middle next week. then it 's hurry up and wait. find out in april, think positive i'm gonna get it ,this time next year i'll be a bussiness man. still trying to put adds on my blog,simple as 1,2,3, they say ..not if you never did it before . im barely past the stage of knowing how to turn comp on. try again today before they take it away. was trying to add " get firefox " still trying. never give up . still have not got my wood furnace,better be soon it gettin cold. i can see the snow piling up in my driveway. i'll have 2 house cats and 3 house dogs when the snow starts flying. i just can;t leave them out when it;s below freezing with wind chill. even though one is a huskey cross he is a house huskey. he used to fit on my lap ,not any more . he still thinks he's a puppy a 100 lb. puppy, other dogs and cat's get jelous so they try and sit on me too, can;t see me for fur. but gotta love it. . 200 lbs.+ of mammals on my lap. better get dressed and get busy ,i have people to see and thing to do. i'll bitch some more later. baum- pi goowaub-min [see u later] guess the language and win a fur lined piss pot..........later


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