Sunday, December 26, 2004


Woke up at 3am. 2 another foot of snow. Slept in till 7am n woke up to 4'' of snow. My plowman workin on Christmas day,must have been out early did'nt c or here him. Good man guess he figures all his clients need clean driveways 4 their guests. This christmas started out like they all do. I get a little depressed this time of year. Good thing 4 phones ,i can reach out n touch friends n family i don't c regularly. And with this new fangled mucksheen im usin here , i can go on chat n talk with complete strangers n feel like im talkin 2 friends. And send e-spam n jokes to family n friends who have their own mucksheen's. I just gonna have 2 make sure i double n triple check b4 i hit the send button. I've accidently sent racy toons 2 some peeps. ''wink,wink''. I wonder if our minister has e-mail. hmmmmmmmm. ''as he rubs his fingers together''
Well i did it agin ate 2 much turkey im gettin sleepy now. My daughter cooked a big ham n made whipped mashed taters. I cooked the turkey,turnip n the homemade cranberries. She said make lotsa gravy had 2 use a old coffee pot, they don't make gravy boats that big. Got all kinds of coffee pots they last longer than the machines. Kerrie,Dougie,Kirk,Brady,uncle George,Tanya,Al,Me,Sparky,Snoopy,Bugs,Mittens n Nusance put a hell of a dent in the turkey n ham. Good i only have 2 eat turkey 4 two days. I always make enough 2 feed an army . Ive had friends n nephews drop by 2 visit after we've eaten, i sit there n talk 2 them ,knowin their hungry,but i keep talkin. Jeeze im mean ,lol. Im not like that i'd feed anybody thats hungry. Tanya left me some ham so i can use the electric griddle her n the kids got me. I have wild blueberries mayb i make blueberrie pancakes...mmmmmmmm. I can entice my grand kids down tomorrow. Mayb i'll check out chat n c whos on,if anybody.
Hey Pebbles u had a good scoff [meal] yourself ,Beef [was it canadian] n yorkshire puddin, wonder how long it would take 2 fed ex a I love that puddin. When i first heard of it i was expectin dessert, in the words of Bugs Bunny- what a maroon Eh. well G. N...........Pebbles n whomever should b readin this.................later


Blogger Pebbles said...

Hey Teddy! I sure did. It was yummy. The beef was American i think but then again i dont really know... Yorskhire pudding is the best! Its easy to think its a dessert till you see it and eat it and then you realize its not lol. I ate it my whole life though so i knew it wasnt dessert. I think Fed X can get it to you in a day or 2? lol!

12:30 PM  

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