Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Well my furnace is fixed n its runnin like it should. But the house gets 2 hot now, i got used 2 bein cold all the time . Theirs just no pleasin me i guess. But the furnace ran like that all last winter shut off whenever it damn well pleased,usually 2-3am. So by the time i got up at 5 the house is as cold as my ex-wifes heart. lol. I wont b needin my dogs on the bed 2 keep me warm now. Hard 2 breath when u got 70 lbs. of husky-chow x on ur chest. I kicked them out but the cold snap comin back 4 week-end. I make mistake n look outside 2 check on bugs n sparky n they start 2 whimper so in they come. My 3 dogs n 2 cats have me well trained. I think bugs n sparky pick on snoopy cause he house dog, then i have grab a bat n give them an attitude adjustment. Just kiddin i love my furry children. Did i mention snoopy can balance on 2 legs n use third leg 2 brace against the tree he pissin on, he dont need 4 legs. I dont think he even missis it, except he cant keep up 2 the other dogs . I let them out about 5am n when they take off up the road snoopy is right with them, but he first 1 home so i think he flags out. Well guess ill check out cherokeeshe chat n catch up on the latest from turtle island. Hey Pebbles hav'nt heard anything about that clock radio, mayb my hint was 2 subtle. I should have printed it off n snail mailed it. lol....later peeps.


Blogger Pebbles said...

Hey Teddy! Im sorry about the clock radio. I know how much you wanted it. But like you had said in a comment on my site, maybe they dont have place that sells them in your area. Thats to bad. Well i will think of you when i enjoy mine! =)

I remember i was baby sitting one night for coughafamouspersoncough and his dog wanted to go out outside. It was freezing out and winter time. I opened the back door and the dog who didnt have a leash on took off into the darkness and ran to the side of the house. I thought for sure it ran away for good lol. I was thinking oh man what do i do??? Will she ever come back??? I never had a dog before so i have no clue how to take care of them or anything. She did come back and with a tennis ball in her mouth lol! She wanted me to play catch with her in the dark lol! I thought it was the cutest thing ever! She was a big white labrador to. After we played and went back inside i sat on the couch and she sat next to me and used my lap as a pillow. Mean while i was terrified of her! I wasnt used to dogs. But she sensed i was no threat to her or the baby boy sleeping upstairs and she was very comfortable with me. She trusted me even though i was waiting for her to attack me lol. She was probably laughing at me at me saying Lady i aint gonna hurt you! Relax! lol!

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