Thursday, December 23, 2004


Well that snow is here ,its mostly blowin so my drive should'nt drift in. But the wind is harsh,my furnace is cycelin more often so she cold out there. I keep a screwdriver next 2 each door so i can get out,they freeze shut now n agin. I should put my turkey out so it will thaw by Sat.. I can almost taste it mmmmmmmmm.TURRRRRRRKYYYYYYYYYYY. Let my mutts out 4 a wizz n a run. My cousin lives about 2 miles away n he c's a set of small tracks n a set of big tracks so my dogs go that far. He used 2 own Bugs ,but he was just a chain dog. Only time he got attention was when i went up there. When a dog lays down n shows u his belly n squirts u know he not used 2 ppl. He used 2 let him loose n he 'd end up at my place n teach snoopy how 2 chase cars. So i tied him up n adopted him n i've had him ever since, goin on 2 yrs. now. He's never had it so good,but he still goes to Als place his old home 2 visit. Well gonna watch the weather . C U ppl later.


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