Saturday, September 25, 2004

FRIDAY 9/25/04-and alls well,somewhere

It's almost sat. so much free time, what to do first . it's gonna be a boring winter with no hockey,strike or lockout supposed to last 18 months. more so with no job. prospects not very good. hopfully the co-op will get busy for the fall run. there's still most of the 1,000,000 lbs. left. if boston market comes through again,it will get busy for a few weeks. i can always jump on a tug to pull fish and gut fish for other boats. i gave away all my g-mail invites and only got back 2 addresses,hope i did'nt waste them ,there hard to come by. hey woody did you get your g-mail invites yet. you should get half a dozen. then you to can spread the gospol according to google. check out Bobble

finally got adds on my blog and also now i have twin blogs 1 atop the other, sorta sure how i did that but not sure how to undo. i think i'll have to
Call For Help
help me leo . did i mention how late it is,better hit the sack,gotta clean my basement,so i can fill it with wood. wau-baung ga-waub-min.....ahow ba-mau. translate that woody....later today


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