Monday, December 27, 2004


Well another Sunday, i'll get dressed, dont know why not like im goin 2 church . My grand-daughter wants 2 go 1 of these Sundays. But not 2day. Don't want 2 get splashed with bubble n squeek while im cookin ,is another reason why get dressed. Got 2 get my turkey finished n get ready 4 turkey NewYear dinner. Told u i love turkey. The weather has settled down,my plowman came n pushed the banks back. Gotta get ready 4 the next taste of winter. But it decided 2 head east . Seems like mother nature hates the east coast. Their always takin a beatin. I'd say better them than us but im not that type of guy. In 10 days we had 4 ft. of snow. One good thing about high winds, north-east 1 day n north-west the next back n fourth, most of the snow ended up in the bush. I had 2 bring my 3 pure bred mutts in. Even their winter coats could'nt protect them from the harsh wind. Its a good thing i got my furnace fixed or else i'd have 2 go outside 2 get warm. I still hav'nt figured why that happens. If a house is without heat 4 so long it ends up bein colder than outside. I guess i'll check out cherokeeshes chat probably b pretty mt till after NewYear. Then lay in bed n watch Kill Bill 1 n 2 that should get me 2 bed about 3:30 or 4:00am. OK peeps altogether now lets hope Chi gets a job 4 the New Year...........thanx.............later


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