Wednesday, December 29, 2004

''DISMEMBER 28/04-close 2 da end''

Well the weather really did a 180. Its down 2 freezin n you can feel the diff it feels warm. My dog's got the boot . We were gettin cabin fever spendin 2 much time Did'nt do sweet yesterday other than feed my animals. Had about 25 Mourning Doves n as many Blue Jays n the other regular avian visitors. My white tailed squarrel is back with the mrs. n the other pair keep their distance till he's done.Must b the dominant pair. He's big n looks like a bully. But he don't bother the smaller red n grey n brown squarrels.
It's mild nuff 2 c thee snow milton so by Saturday we should have grass agin. And it calls 4 rain between now n weekend. Next prob we will have is floodin. Speakin of floodin thats all thats been on the news is that tsunami that hit asia-..... -when i stumbled on these while surfin i just had 2 c more. Helmut issels was in the right place at the right time. The 1 guy on balcony with snoorklin gear,if its the same guy [ a canuke] interviewed he was at a boat with 16 ppl when the water went out. He said 4 them 2 get out of their only 2 followed him n the others got swept out 2 sea. When water receded he left where he was n tried 2 get futher away n almost got caught in another wave of water. I don't know about u peeps but i think i would have stayed right where i was. If u were on 2nd. floor n the water almost reached ur floor n the buildin held up,i dont think id b leavin. But in the heat of the moment u can never b sure of what 1 does. That 1 pic where that guy is in the water its so clear u could make out his face as if he was standin in front of u. I read a comment from a witnes n he got saved ,but when news aired it they ran it in such a way so ppl would think he died. Ratings mean more than truth i guess ,newspapers r guilty of same thing. The total is around 52,000 now but i bet it will double by the time they finish searching. There will probably thousands that will never b found. Well gonna go surfin c if i can find more pics..........later ppl
........Im not bein morbid im just nozy .


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