Thursday, December 30, 2004



Well i didnt get much accomplished 2day cept the usual day 2 day cleanin. Ok every 2-3 days. All thats been on is reports of tsunami. Its gonna end up bein worse than first thought,theres islands that no 1's even been 2 yet. And scientists think some of them got wiped of the map. And others said whole islands got moved meters from where they were. Its gonna be 1 hell of a changed world once things settle down. The whole planet 's been knocked off its axis a few centemeters n its rotation has been altered also.
speeded up not much but it will have an effect. And if any religious zealots read this,its not the 2nd. comin . How can it b if he was never here 2 begin with. Religion was just somthin that was shoved down ppl's throats. An interpretation of an of an old legend or story. Peeps should know when a story is retold enough times by diff. ppl . What u end up with is no where near what u started with. They new it long ago when it first started 2 happen. But now its ingrained. Just look around any hamlet,town,city n villiage ,whats usually the biggest building there a church or large buildin used as. I've been brainwashed 2 cause i get urge 2 go 2 church. Peeps here have had traditional funerals n weddings but 2 make things legel u have to have a minister or what ever ur church of choice has [ya right choice].
Well i'll watch some news n do some surfin n c if i can find more pics. They tell the real story, i said that b4 did'nt i, oh well its the sometimers kickin in.

Oh yah somthin else b4 i forget, im really embarressed by our canadian government WTF $3,000,000.00 What the hells that supposed 2 do,their all on holidays n my guess is its costin a hell of a lot more to pay 4 their perks. And we have a DART team, a disaster response team,ppl were wonder what constitutes a disaster to our goverment. There was such an uproar from canadians at home that they got guilted into doin somthin. I listen 2 news and all i hear is them coverin their asses. As i sit hear im listenin 2 Minister Pettigrew is sayin as soon as the earth trembled from the earthquake they [the gov. empoyees] were on the move, probably reachin for another martini. This happened boxin day n non of our holidayin gov. officials saw fit 2 rush home n it was days after b4 they even attemped 2 help. Like i said they had 2 b guited into movin off their collective asses. Their braggin about their embassy staff now . I saw news reports of interviews of canadian peeps that survived that went 2 canadian embassy for help n were told what do expect me 2 do. Those ppl already been thru hell n they get more from ass holes thats supposed b there 2 help. No wonder ppl dont check in to embassies in wharever countries they visit. I could go on but i think i blew off enough steam. I'll have more tomorrow after i watch canadian news. So have a good eve and g.n.ppl............later


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