Tuesday, April 19, 2005

''26 Cel. = 82 F.'' hot,hot,hot.''summer's here...........

What a beaut of a day,burnt very little to hot to be playin with fire. I think i'll need fire permit soon,the surrounding areas off Rez are bannin grass n brush burnin. I was at Band Office this morn n Mark our Roads Dept headcheeze asked if i heard all fires were banned off rez. I said ya but no ban on Rez. He was tryin to make a funny. My pal Gus came n give me a hand to take down my tv tower. We got her down just the 2 of us without damageing it. Wonder where i can get all channel anttenae ,i can get VHF,UHF and FM with that and who cares if i can't afford sattellite. We did'nt put it up right bein as our first tower n besides we had to jury rig it . What can ya do when u don;t have right parts. He sposed to come 2day to put back up but we havin rain storm. And he got job buildin a deck good carpenter that Gus. Once we get it up no amount of wind will spin my anttennae around. Were supposed to get a cold spell along with this storm front from the Arctic. So mayb tomorrow i'll be postin about the 3 ft. of snow we got. I can handle a foot but not 3 ft. This rain we havin n water warmin up we should be gettin ''SMELTS'' soon hav;nt had any in a few years they were scarce the past few years. When they come there small n few between. When i was a kid the creek used to be just black with them. Till the MNR [Ontario Govt.]and OFAH started stockin non-indiginous fish. Between the 2 of them they've done more damage to the natural fish stocks in Georgian Bay and Lake Huron [Nawash Fishing Territorys]. You can't tell me that adding all those millions of non-indiginous fish to the eco-system year after year will not effect the natural fish. Thats a great way to practice conservation stock strange fish to kill off all natural fish. And the natural fish have to compete for food against the new predator fish bein stocked. I've cut open jumbo Salmon and Splake n found them full of White Fish fry, Chub,Smelt etc. We caught Perch at Depths u have to set to catch Chub[Bloater fish]. I still think all the natural fish got chased out of there feeding grounds and had to move else where,or there dead. And then blame the Native Fisherman for depleting the fish stocks. Our own biologists from the University of Guelph and who work on and for our REZ have provin it's harmful. Well i better go fini watchin the Nascar Race.......later.


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