Saturday, April 16, 2005

''POLITICS''what can ya do-get of yer a$$.

I sometimes wonder what goes on under our nose's here on my rez. Long ago,seems like long ago. Anyway there was always rumors n such circulating around rez of Nepotisim,missing money n other miss-deeds. But than agin no matter who the Chief n Council of the day was,same stories. But i wonder how so many past Chief's n Councillors have lots of prime land[shore property]. My dad was on council in the 60's n all we got is the land we had back then. He must have been to honest to become a Land I remember him telling his friend over a couple a wobbly pop's how there was shore property[cottage lot type] come up for possible sale to membership. He said it never got past the council table,was all grabbed by chief n council. Was to go out in notice to let ppl know. I guess the fact we vote them in allows them to do what ever the hell they want. Not as easy to do now cause minutes of all meeting available to all band members. Plus they can go n attend any meeting,unless it personal than they close. So i get tired of listenin to ppl bitch about not knowin whats goin on here,attend a meeting. I was one of those ppl 1 time but now i attend the odd meeting n i learn alot.


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