Saturday, April 16, 2005

''FIRE TRUCKS OUT AGIN.''but not here agin.

The Cape Croker Fire Dept. were out 2day. Up the 401 n over to Madokii Subdivision by the sounds of it. They have tiered response here so fire,cops n ambulance are called. Did'nt smell or see smoke so i hope it was'nt one of our elders. Since the Seniors Residence apt's. are up that way. Tomorrow for sure i gotta start burnin brush b4 they want fire permits. It's not that dry here yet so i'll be ok 4 now. Damn i hope i get some kind of work soon. Usually about this time of year i start repairin nets. But the boys had a hard go after their nets got caught in the ice. Sure did;nt take long to freeze up. I was lookin at local paper [Owen Sound Sun-times] and they had big write up about one of our fishermans nets washin up on shore from ice. Picture n all,they really want to make it look bad. The guy interviewed even posted pics in tackle shops in area. They wanna start the little war agin. Last time they burnt a tug n sunk another at the dock. And even the MPP. Bill Murdock led a group of anglers against a women n her children that had a booth at Owen Sound Farmers Market. Those big brave rednecks would'nt have done a damn thing if it was a guy at the booth. But that ass-hole still gets voted in due to all the farmers votin for him. They think they own the water we never gave that up due to treaty. The sooner they realize we allow them to use our territory for their angling n fishing derbys the better. We just want what we should have had all along. They think were raping the waters but the whites have been commercial fishing for a 100 years or more. So how can we be depleteing the fish stocks when we just won our fishery back. If thats the case the fish population was already depleted from white fisherman. It is a known fact that the white tug fisherman dump all their undersize fish overboard. Since they have a quota also it gets used up to fast if they land the undersize fish. And when an angler comes across a bunch of dead fish floatin in the water guess who gets the blame. We have our own biologists and after so many years of Fish assessment we have better data than The Ministry of Natural Resources. And as far as exchanging data we never had no prob with but MNR were slow on their end. Prob cause they had poor data to begin with thats why they want ours first. We know the fish travel all over Lake Huron and not stay in one area. Same with Georgian Bay fish but our data for that side is'nt as good .Although the fish migrate they still come back to where they wee born. Well nuff said time to get off soap box n watch news.......later..ppl.


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