Monday, April 18, 2005


Well i burnt more of my brush n a few more days i be done. Than i start on my lawn still got the winters accumalation of junk. Thats not countin all the bones Snoopy scored from neighbors. And all the crap he deemed worthy of draggin home. Im thinkin of changin his name to Fred Sanford,ya remember Sanford n Son, ''This is it Lisbeth .it's the big one'' that got mr every time. Damn im pissed i had this long winded post almost done n blogger went crazy on me n i lost it. So i can't recall all i had on it but it was good. Every time im bitchin about somethin n it's a extra long post it happens. Mayb some1 watchin over me so i don't get in trouble. Ya cant get in trouble tellin the truth. Fire Dept was out agin but not Knock on wood. I just hope it was'nt one of our elders ,sounded like it went over to Maadookii Seniors Complex.
I have family there and one of only two aunts i have left. I guess i'll just leave the text on my last posts where i tried to make links to. Lotsa text but mayb ya can't link a page from native news page. It's just our new fishin agreement is bein worked on. I think n hope it's a yearly thing. I know MNR wanted a 10 year deal this time last was 5 years n that was to long. I think why they want longer is to give themselves more time to find a way to screw us agin. I peeked at my fire n its ok not crawlin toward the bush or nothin. Im very carful or try to be always go by the wind n have water hose ready. Read our
history n all the happenins of our corner of Turtle Island. You can also read about our sister Rez namily Saugeen. I live here and i did'nt even know about this joint web site. I have to make a better attempt at attendin council meetings. I may have missed more which i probably have. Well time for news n Jay Leno......later peeps.


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