Friday, April 15, 2005

''THE START OF A NUDDER WEEKEND''gonna burn the rez 4 sure.

Well ,hells bells ah nevah got a damn bit of brush burnt or an old bone or leaf raked. Sat. will be good day for burnin. The wind is gonna die down. And my ambition should be back by then too. Got my little per diem so catch my sis n get he to shop for me. Damn i need a job but theres no jobs 2 b had on rez . Now if i had my drivers licence that b diff story. Another wise move by government miss a few support payments n they take your driver licence. And they expect you to work so they can take any taxes or gst u got comin to u. And how u sposed to get to work. I used to be a truck driver heavy equipment operator. Thru the years i asked my ex if she ever got any money,but she said no. Either she lied or the government got a big pot of money somwhere. Mayb thats the slush fund i read about thru the years. Wonder who profits from that. How many times thru the years have i read nothin but bad things about the Family support plan. Give them all little power n they got the Napolian complex. But like they say powr corrupts. Mayb i should run for council mayb i'get new house or at least nuff money to complete it. I and Gordon Johnston built this house in 1974. Just the 2 of us, i had lotta promises from ppl but nothin came of it. I think that was about the time things were changin the ppl were gettin older. They were the last of their breed the 1's that helped u n did'ny expect a dime. They were happy with tobbacco[smokin or chewin] a good meal or return the favor. There's still a few guys my age n a bit younger that still do that. Damn my batteries are dyin in my cordless key board n they just died in my mouse. So i better fini for now,havta buy batteries tomorrow for sure. I can't survive without the internet or comp. Im new to all this but now it's a main part of my daily routine. I have no life,just kiddin ,or am


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