Wednesday, April 20, 2005

''RAIN RAIN GO AWAY''at least it's not snow.

Thank you,thank you,thank you,for not hittin us with snow. Now just a little less rain till i get my land clearin done. It did clear up for a bit this aft. That bit of rain we had was enough to get the green startin. Mayb thats a good thing ,when i was walkin on my grass was like walkin on corn flakes. Hopefulley i can get my tv tower back up tomorrow. Gus got the deck fini he was workin on. Got it done at 6:00 pm. he said and he left here at noon after we took tower down. I know who to get when i get a bigger deck put on my house. First thing i gotta build some new dog houses. Im still lookin for scrap plywood n 2/4's to use. When ya got no wheels u pretty well stuck. It's hump day already ,dang the days n weeks seem to be flyin by. I don't remember time goin so fast. I remember when i was young i wished i was 21. Then when i got into hotel at 16 it did'nt matter that i was'nt 21. At 12 n 13 we were stealin our parents booze 1 bottle of wine got 6 of us looped. I still remember the name Old Sailor,Branvin wines ,sherry's i guess. So every weekend we saved up $2.25 and order 3 jugs of wine. ''Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine, when ya gonna let me get sober'' Don't remember who sang that song or the name of it . It was our wine drinkin song. Thats all there was back then just booze. Then the 60's hit with Purple microdot,marajauna,hash,mescaline but still mostly cheap ole wine,beer n whiskey etc. Now we got a real drug prob not just ur weed,hash,shrooms, which i think is not all that bad. But we got crack,coke,heroin,extasy n all that other cheap drug crap. Just lucky we hav'nt lost any teens to suicide or car accidents or od's lately anyway. I hope to creator we don't ,it's our future goin down that one way street. But what can ya do if their even a bit like we were at that age there's no forcing a change. They got to learn on their own. Sounds like a hard stance but what else ya gonns do. If under age they send to Pine Hill Youth Centre a resort for lack of a better term. But thats what it is ,it sure as hell not punishment. When i was there age i went to regular jail thats what changed me. Back then if u did the crime u did the time. That still should be the way it is. But since they brought that Young Offenders Act. All kids can be pretty sure if they get in shit there sure to get a slap on the wrist. There's more truth in that saying spare the rod spoil the child. Now all tax payers are payin the price of doin away with Corporal Punishment at home n school. If ya spank ur kid he can get ya charged or some1 can squeal on ya. I and my brother and all our friends got the strap when we were bad. Untill we were old enough for high school. The 60's were good times for me some day those kids i fathered back then will come lookin for me. There was supposed to be 3 or 4,of course i never found out till years later. After the guidance counsillor talked me out of stayin in school i quit. By the time i got home my dad had a bag packed n kicked me out. I hope Mr. Lorne Creighton is a happy man,i wonder how many other Nish he talked out of stayin in school. Well that tangent kinda snuck up on me. I kinda go all over in my post's but thats the way she be. If there be anyone out there not liken it ,ya can change channels anytime. I think i said that one time if ya lookin for purrrfect grammer n speelin u in wrong place. I enjoy butcherin the english language and there are some word i spell my way. Who the hell needs punctuation anyway its all over rated i think. Blame Mr Creighton the first white man that did me dirt. Oh almost forgot Mr. Paul Thompson my Mechanical Drafting teacher, i was foced to punch him out in class. My daughter had him for teacher when she went to WHSS. Go Double Blue. Time to catch the news gotta keep up with world events.......later.....


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