Wednesday, November 30, 2005


You'll have to bear with me as i lost my notes ,accidentley deleted them from my comp.dang. When i fell behind on postin i had notes to go by to catch up. I have to go by memory now so things may not be in order but it will be the way it happened. So i'll not procrastinate when it comes to my blog.
Good news is their gettin more people back in the band office. Chief ,Tribal secretary plus a few more. But still have to travel all over the Rez for some business. And they got bigger doorway from reception area into the council chambers and put in a wider wheel-chair access into reception. Although it was my bro with his motorized scooter that was havin to squeeze thru those slim doorways,it needed to be done. Now for some bad news. Only 1 washroom in building now but a Johnny On The Spot beside the Fish Assessment trailer. Be a little cold on the bunz now that were gettin winter. Can't put a septic bed back in ,not enough room,as the property was surveyed wrong back in the 70's. Thoses non-native surveyors did'nt care as long as they got paid. So gonna have 2 large holding tanks,i myself think there is an easier and cheaper way to do this. I brought up the idea of an ''Area Bed'' at a council meeting. It's still a septic bed but is smaller than a regular bed. It's used when u dont have enough land. We put one in at a residence where she did'nt want to cut to many tree;s around her house. They can still have a holding tank for the toilets n use area bed for Gray Water. But what do i know ,i only spent most of my life in construction. And i've learned a few things.
Gettin more snow so it gettin difficult to strip nets outside,i may have to work in basement now. But thats not a problem just not as much room. Had my grandson helpin me as he needed some money for bullets for hunting season. So i had him help me to try and get most done befor the snow hit. But we ended workin in some mini blizzards and was it cold. I enjoyed workin with him even though he missed a few days of school. Put it down as job placment. Have to get him back to help me drag the nets to house,need him to do the heavy lifting.
I've been busy with gettin estimates to put in wheelchair ramp at the United Church. Doorway so narrow and hard when there's a funeral to get casket inside. Bein's as most of our pall bearers are the beefy type,yours tryly included. Even tight for the not so beefy.
Well the fall fish runs is on this month. Talkin to some of the fisherman its a slow start. Finding buyers for all the fish is the next prob. Most will wait till they start catching lots and then drop the price they're willing to pay. Just like any other year,pay good at the start then peanuts after. But its either take what u get or your stuck with the fish. Bet all those fisherman are wishin the Co-op was still goin. All it took was one guy to kill all the work to get co-op goin. Oh well ,what goes around comes around.


Blogger darcey said...

Hey Ted! Glad to see you up and around!

10:09 PM  

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