Friday, September 23, 2005

''Fisheries Meeting''

Well,the referendum was a yes. I guess we have to negotiate the change in the way we lease now. With the govt.and the leesee's if their involved at all. Im new to this u see. It's prob still hurry up and wait. You'd think it would cost less if you'd settle right away. Instead they have all these hoops u gotta jump thru. Oh well,what can u do anyway there's a big change. All it means is more well needed money comin into the rez. We also have a fisheries meeting,to make a plan of action. We got big shots comin from the University of Guelph to dicuss ,mayb startin a Native geared course of some sort. It's just an idea they's lookin into. Somthin else that will take a while b4 u see anything. The Dean or whoever's never been here so he gonna tour the rez. He plans on stoppin in at the school and check it out. Thats for next thursday. And we have a person comin for interview 2day about our biologists opening. The one we have is movin on goin to Perdue U. It's gonna be like seein a family member goin away. But onward and upward. He better keep in touch. I worked for assessment a coupla years ago and it was a good learnn experience. I was one of those that thought all they did was drive around all day. It seems the fisherman are fishing all over the peninsula so u got to go wherever they are. I shouda knew that seeins i fished on diff tugs and punts in those areas. There far apart as you can get our sister rez looks after the southern part of the area. We had one non-native answer the job posting ,we sent invites . Since we need some1 right away so the one leavin can train the newbie b4 he leaves. The one native guy is still in school for a month or two so he cant apply till then. I dont know why non-native means MNR spy to me. Am i paranoid or is it cause one worked for MNR. Mayb why i pefer the native he's right out of school. Agin,just wait and see. One question i'll have is,how do u handle teasing? Cause once we get to know you or even b4 u gonna get teased. Anything and everything is fair game. Not to hurt ppl but thats the way we are. Just ask any non-native employee we have. Now they tease right back, see part of the family now and he's desertin us in our hour of need. Ha,ha,ha. Just kiddin,i wish him well. But Indiana is'nt that far away when ya think about it. I've been invited down for a visit from a chat room friend,native chat that is. So if its a serial killer invitin me it will be one of my ppl that chops me up . Right Rhonda,just kiddin ,how far away are u from Purdue U. I could intro u to Andy of Mayberry our fleeing biologist. He's a real nice guy for a whitey,ha,ha,ha, im not prejudiced,i hate every1 equally. Just call me Oscar. I have friends of many etnicities[spell check] if ur here for good grammer ur beat. Cause ya aint gonna find it here. Hey Andy do u read this u closest blog reader. I had to add that thing where u type in what u read either a word or letters b4 u can post. I been gettin adds in my comments, prob from some blog crawler. Time to go,later ppl.


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