Thursday, September 29, 2005

''Special meeting with Guelph U'' CORDA last chance.

Well,i could'nt get a BCR but i got my application faxed b4 the deadline. BCR will just have to follow. There was quarom but the ppl from Guelph U were here. Chief was able to sit in for a while b4 he had to leave for a meeting. Got a lot of info but still not sure what we accomplished. Gonna have to wait till they come up with some sort of template to work from. We gave a lot of ideas but since were new at this not sure whats involved in makin up a proposed curriculam. So if they could start us off n build or take away from that. They talked about distance learning,that would be good go to school on line for 3/4 and the rest classroom. Hope they take our ideas seriously or this was just a waste of time. Another wait n see project. The next council meeting is next Monday so ,i'll be back for that.


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