Friday, November 11, 2005


I went to the rememberance service for the first time in a long while. Their are not that many vets left sorry to say. I totally forgot about it till a friend stopped by and asked if i was still goin. I was in the middle of stripping gill nets. Im working in trade, i do work for him and he pays for sand and trucking in the spring. I need some landscaping done to cover up my rock garden/yard so i can grow a lawn agin. Anyway it was a bit cold standing at the cenotaph good thing i dressed warm. One of our older vets was there in his wheel chair. I was standing well back but i heard him say to the Ernie. Put on another pair of gloves cause he was havin problem turning pages with gloves on. He may not be able to walk amymore but he still sharp as a tack. There were kids there that sang Oh Canada in Ojibway. I just wish more people would turn out,but i was one of them till this year. Better late than never i guess. And i wish more people from the band office and band programs and Political body where there. There is not one person on this Rez that did not have a family member fight in The War of 1812 to The Gulf War. And i really don't think were finished yet. My grand daughter is in the Army Cadets,think she been in 2 years now. She likes it so far at least she'll get to travel and get an education from it. Just hope there's no war in her near future,she in her first year of highschool. Where was i,oh yah,they had a happy hour and a meal for the vets and coffee,tea water or pop for us also. I had to leave early so i did'nt see wether the vets got wild or not during happy hour. ha,ha,ha. All kidding aside im very proud to say that i grew up knowing personally many of the vets from the 1st., 2nd and Korean War. Thanks to my dad bein a vet i got to know and drink with them. I was under age but i never acted the fool with them. Mayb thats why i got along with them or they put up with me. Good memories but i miss them all.


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