Thursday, September 22, 2005

''REFERENDUM''Hope Bay Leasing.

Well time for another referendum,think u have to have two b4 u can count it. Yes or no ,to re-leasing cottage area n have DIAND look after the lease money. And we have to beg for our money[just my take on it]. Chief and council been away on a re-treat with sister rez past 3 days. We hav'nt had an lease agreement for a few years so time for a change. We need to look after it ourselves and up the leasing cost/year. They got it made n the shade bein charged ,what i see as way below what they'd have to pay on the outside. We need to bring in more money into our rez for daily operations of the band and other needed things. We always gettin asked by different groups for financial help in funding but can't because we have only so much money. Even the comittee im in we've had to say no in past years. If we can get this goin the way it should ,we may be able to help more. There's lots that could be done if only we had the money. You have to have money to get into some home repair grants u pay up-front and they reimburse. So many re-pair loans needed here on rez even me. I been tryin to fini my home since i moved home in 91 and it was built in 1974. Oh,well im not about to give up.Things will come our way eventually.


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