Monday, December 12, 2005


Winters here to stay. I can usually see my lawn/rock garden till just before x-mas. I figured we got 150 cm./5 ft. of snow in my little corner of the Rez. Good thing it melts to make room for more. Im always amazed when i get 5'' or so of snow here and non at my daughters. She's just around the corner from me. Guess thats what they call streamers. And its friggin cold now,not bad one day cold as witches tit the next. When it falls below -10 c. my dogs come in. When i go out and breath thru my nose n my nostrils stick its time to come in. My pets are spoiled so what. Got no kids to spoil. But grand children,i got 8 but only 7 i see even though the one lives just down the road from me. Wish his mom was'nt like that,she used to bring him by. That was when he was much younger. Oh well,what can ya do. He'll be a teenager b4 u know it and then we'll see. I spent the day in council still,popped in on Bill the new assesment biologist. Gonna miss Andy but life goes on. Onward n upward for Andrew. I sat across the room from the councillor liason for CORDA and he smiled and gave me the thumbs up. Almost started to shake ,i was hoping that meant i got my grant. Long wait till there break,thats when he told me i got it. I coulda hugged him but i was'nt brought up that way. But thats another story. I called him this evening to thank him for speaking on my behalf. Now the waiting starts agin but this time its for the money. Prob come sometime this spring,something to look forward to. I've got past the biggest hurdle in my life in a long time. Now i got a chance to really do what i dreamt of be my own boss. Wish me luck,being new at this its gonna be a rough ride. I got alot of work to do b4 the money gets here,it comin in 3 installments. So now i gotta decide what from my list of materials i need first. I got offers of help from some of my family and friends. I got lots of support. I just hope the poor fishing this fall run is just a cycle. My biz depends on a healthy fishery. Won't know that till next fall. Time for chat.


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