Sunday, December 04, 2005

''United Church Bazzar''

Well all our hard work paid off i think anyway. We made $1,600,this bein my first time helping the church with the Bazzar. Since most of the stuff we had was donated most musta been profit. There was a good turnout from the ppl i saw. Cost me a few peso's,i had to buy raffle tickets ,different groups were holding draws. And food talk about food,got my daughters to make somethin to donate. I donated a prize and pop ,and hot dogs n buns. Cant forget about the kids. My grandkids were there so that cost me a bit,but thats what g-kids are for to spoil. I felt not to good after a bit so i didnt stay till the end. But i had my fill and had a good time. I bought a book from one of our elders Ella Waukey. Didnt even know she had written one till i saw her table,also sold goodies. That was no place to be if you wanted to keep on your diet. Talk about baked goods,scone dogs,chili,corn soup, indian tacos,fry bread,bannock. Im tryin slowly to get involved with the happening's of the Rez. I try and attend as many council meeting as i can,i have better attendance than some councillors. Which the Chief and Councillors joke about. I used to be one of those that sat at home and bitched about the way our Rez was bein run. But no more ,i like knowin whats goin on ,good or bad. I tried to attend all the fishing meetings that take place.We got our agreement now so no more meetings till this one ends. By then i hope that Indian hater Will Burdock is out of office. If we have to live with Indian hating MPP's lets at least get a new Redneck. One thing i realized i better start takin notes I find it hard to remember some things when ppl ask ,well what went on at council. The wind is blowin agin ,hope she dont snow. When my daughter brought me home the wind was harsh comin out of the community centre. Well jump on Cherokeeshe and see if there's any drama. In all the native chat rooms im in,only been kicked out once. As a joke,im such a nice guy. The kind anygirl would take home to or for mommy. Later.......


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