Tuesday, September 28, 2004

third time is a charm

If i don't get this post out this time i give up. third try . wasted morn at council meeting could'nt give me a bcr,no quorum . all my paper work is done ready to be faxed and priority posted. i'll go see econ devel this am , see if i can float a loan for some nets to go fall fishing,or maybe to start my net manufacturing repair and salvage. another business plan,have to have it ready by thur. another meeting get my bcr then i hope. tight pants is going to help me with my pipe[i wish, god was she ever hot looking todaty,im still drooling] back to stove pipes. i need two estimates to attache wood furnace to my oil furnace,if they can't do it then insulated pipes for a chimney for wood. hey larry i need model num and make i think and what ever else my furnace man needs to see if it can be used for a wood add on. our co-op meeting went the same way as council not enough for quarum,we need to make some important motions. we got a plan now after a whole year of operation. we needed a year to be able to plan our future we did'nt have enough info. the rumours are flying,40 questions at council,told them i got caught embezzaling ,geeze i hope they did'nt think i was serious. new fuel for rumour mill and i fed it. ha ha . ron and vel got brand new pick up,was gonna hit them up for loan. seeing that new truck put the kybosh on that. well enough for now i better get started on my new business plan. i gotta............... did'nt make it to econ development ,to busy waitin.


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