Monday, January 17, 2005


What a cold week-end this was,only let dogs out 2 do their thing. When they run just off the deck n squirt on the deck post n their done than u know its cold. Did'nt get much done this week-end,to cold 2 stay out 4 to long. All i did was shovel the entrance's n the decks. Steam was common off the water in the mornin. The sun peeked out a couple of times but it stayed cloudy. Was hopin it would clear up at night,want'ed 2 c that comet towards the south . I don't know if thats the 1 their tryin 2 hit with their rocket [NASA}foolish i say. W.T.F. r they thinkin what if they manage 2 cause it 2 break up,what they gonna do if a few pieces head our direction. Why can't they do it on its way by instead of on its way here. [Flashback to movie Deep Impact n Armegeddon]. Theirs supposed 2 b one on its way here anyway supposed 2 hit in 12 years or so. I hope its just another Y2K and it never happens. Mayb thats why their doin this 2 c if they can smash it 2 bits. A few thousand pieces would b better than a football field size chunk. I'll b forced 2 hop in my star cruiser n head back home i guess. I may have room 4 a few hitch-hikers,let me c who will i chose,her n her n her n............ Ok,Ok im awake,where was i oh yah better start makin a shelter now. Me i'll just stand out their n watch the fire-works,don't think anyplace will b safe. Just gotta hope they don't hit near u. I like star gazing but not sure if i'd like 2 c uranus. I was sittin with a buddy at Council Fire drop-in 1 time. I was readin a popular science like magazine on different planets. I asked Ed if he saw uranus , he said nobody seen his anus. Almost fell off my chair,that Eddy he was a joker n a good artist. Wonder if he survived Toronto,i;d like to go back n c how many are still alive or how many died. A plan 4 next summer take me 2 or 3 days to check out my old stomppin grounds. Well it;s startin 2 snow agin ,got about 6'' so far mayb snow enough t 2 plow by mornin. Oh well its winter ,just grin n bear it,Bull Crap i'd sooner Bitch. It makes me happy. Well better check out chat ......later peeps.


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