Thursday, January 13, 2005

''Im Back''

Well,Hells Bells ,i'll try again. I had a post started n i deleted it some how. I almost had my post finished rather. Oh well ship happens. Where was i,oh yah ,i decided 2 take a break from bloggin 4 a bit. I hav'nt even been on chat since b4 x-mas,not 4 any length of time anyway. We never got that storm, they called 4 last week,which is good. From Dec. 14-26 i got plowed out 9 times,thats $90.00 well spend but cant afford. But i gave up on shovellin snow as u know. Im scared my old ticker will give out,im 2 young 4 a dirt nap. But when that day comes i want 2 b cremated so they can plant me with my son. I had found a corner of graveyard that was mt beside some cedar tree/hedges. I had planned 2 b laid next 2 him ,but they went n planted someone else there. Dont even know who it is no name marker. Our REZ is not that big so if some1 passes away we usually know them. Only time is if they moved away years ago. Then it ends up no1 there except minister n priest,n guys from roads dept. they dig grave n fill in after service. Thats bad as far as im concerned,community should b notified. I was at a burial their n after i went walkin around n found my friends grave ,he got buried while i was home but never knew he died till months after. And if u die in no1 claimes ur body u get planted in Canuck version of potters field. I had 2 bury my girlfriend there in Toronto in the 80s,Mount Pleasant Cemetary,1 section for rich n not so rich n another 4 who gives a ship. But thats the way it is. I tried hard 2 find her family but i did;nt know which part of BC 2 look, i know se was Carrier Tribe n her last name was Bell. I got Salvation Army 2 try n they couldnt with their resources. She died in my arms and the 1 thing that sticks out in my memory is the cops thinkin i had somethin 2 do with her death. Thats the kind of thing natives had 2 go through in Toronto as well as other Canadian cities. They pronounced her at the hospital but i knew she was gone b4 ambulance came. It still hurt when the cop came into waiting room with hat in hand i knew what he was gonna tell me. At least Lt. Love from Sally Ann came with me 2 identify her[we used 2 call him power in the soup] after service we would go down 2 dinin room n eat soup. We used 2 go 2 sevices at Sally Ann, as well as the other natives. We got 2 know the ppl workin there so i asked them if they would preform the service. It was a good service as far as services go,mostly natives but quite a few non-natives were there. They found rides 4 whoever wanted 2 go to cemetary. I used 2 put down Sally Ann till i saw what they were all about. Well time change subject but seems like this time of the year u have to talk these thing out. I found that every x-mas i get so depressed thinkin about all the ppl i saw die or hurt,especially in Toronto. I got so close 2 so many natives from all over Turtle Island
u might know them 4 years n if some1 asks u where their from or their name u can't say,cause it never comes up. Just nick names so if cop ever asks so n so's name u can truthfully say u dont know. But thats not the reason. Im glad i found bloggin i can get stuff of my chest n bitch about anything to no1 special,i have no1 to talk to in times like this. Like talkin 2 my confesser what ever the hell that What about my other dogs u ask ,well let me tell u. I've let them out 2gether [ Sparky n Bugs] a couple of nights n they came back with battle scars. I dont know if they fight each other. I dont think so they travel guite a way 2 my cuz's place n 2 my daughters. There lots of dogs loose between here n Al's place,so they have 2 cross different turfs,sounds like my time in Toronto. So i have 2 let them out 1 at a time then they don't go 2 far. If there's a blizzard then they look at me like im crazy when i hold door open. They refuse 2 go out in that, they give u that u first look. Even the cats, Mittens anyway Nuisance is so dainty i have 2 grab n put out gently. My Gwe-jim ,my female Manx had 12 kitens 1 time 6blk, n 6 wht. I used to help her birth n i pick them up right after their born n blow in their face let them get used 2 humans . So when they got bigger i put them outside with their bed and id walk next door 2 my bros. Their mom stayed in bed n i had a line of kittens followin me[wish i had pics] . The grass was'nt cut so grass is a 6-12'' tall n i got a line of fur balls followin me,c them jump 2 get bearing n 2 keep me in site. Im aminal lover i guess. Well i better go feed udder aminals,the black squarrels r out thar...........later peeps


Blogger Pebbles said...

Hi there! So glad to see you back and posting again. I at times take a break from posting to. Im doing that right now in fact, not posting to much.

Its kinda cool you have to look at the ceiling to read text on the computer. I have really bad vision. My left eye is very weak. I cant see to well. I have to have my tv next to my bed so i can see it. Otherwise alls i see is blur.

Its kinda sad you have no one to talk to. I get depressed when i feel i have no one to talk to but then theres people like you who live alone and me i live with 3 other people and theres always someone to talk to. I guess i have taken that for granted. Well since you have the internet in a way you do have someone to talk to, a lot of people are out there. Theres always someone online. =)

1:17 AM  

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