Sunday, January 02, 2005

''HAPPY NEW YEAR''- I HOPE............

So its 2005,i'll still b writin 2004 for the next little while. I think its a deep down denial that 1's another year older, I wish it was 1983 b4 my blown out knee,dislocated hip,broken leg. Damage was'nt even spread around it was all 2 my right leg. Now i can feel the aches n pains mostly in my lower left quadrant. But startin all over my poor ''BOD'' now. Wonder does that mean aaazzzzzzz gittin old. Oh was it just 2 much fun filled abuse durin the late 60's,all of 70's.80's,n early 90's. Since my ''DEBAUCHERY'' days were left by the wayside, i did;nt go out lookin 4 a party . My guess is there was no shortage last night. On my stop at the local IGA across from the local ''LCBO'' i could c who came out of liquar store then a block n 1/2 away on the way out of town u pass ''The Beer Store''. C ppl at each place n make a list of places your gonna hit that night. I used 2 just go home with 10-24's of ''CANADIAN'' used 2 drink ''Labatts-moose-piss ''BLUE'' but i came 2 my senses in the late 70's. Then 6-40-oz'ers of various flavors. Six or so diff. kinds of wine ,n u can't 4get the ''Panty Remover'' or if female ''GOTTCHY Remover''.lol. Besides every1 goes ''commando'' at parties . And diff. colors n flavors of love gloves. Wonder if they still have that prob. since i got the idea from my dad n his cronies. Those r the same 1's that got me in the hotel at 16,they took me in n told Paul i just turned 21. I miss those days of 10 cent drafts n 25 cent bottles of beer n 50 cent shots. But thats water under the bridge now its take 2 long 2 get over a weekend of fun n if ur weekends not at least 3 days ur a pussy,no pussies on ''Cape''. Now i just sit at home in the dark with a bat,machette n a gun at every entrance n window 2 my home. Oh yah all the while readin ''THE ANARCHIST'S HANDBOOK'' and if u believe that i still have swamp land. Just added that 2 stir up ur own deep down repressed feelins about startin an uprisin,revolt or whatever turns ur crank. ''HEY KANSAS'' keep ur damn freezin rain, its just rain now but gonna turn 2 freezin come mornin. The near by creeks were already near jumpin their banks on Fri. Weeelllll guess i watch a movie either Debbie does Dallas or The Bible since they both have same plot except 1's more graphic n i know ppl like graphic. Don't yah...EH. gonna watch Sword fish on dvd i like the start where that women is encased in explosives full of ball bearins with a proximity ting on her ,where she cant go past a certain range or she auto detonates . Guess what a cop does when she comes out of bank to give abductors demands u got it,she gets dragged past the point of no return n ''KA-BOOM''. The explosion is better on slow mo on dvd. So if u like that sort of flick this is a good 1..........later peeps


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