Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Got a bit of clean up done. Need truck now n an appliance dolly to move the old freezer,washer,dryer n hot water tank . I should charge for storage cause it still belongs to Ontario Hydro n the repair guy was supposed 2 take it away. I've been rentin it since i moved home in 1991,and it was installed 4 rental in 1982 so technically its still theirs n im storin it 4 them till they pick it up. Ill have 2 check my old posts n c just when it was replaced. Suckers been chargin me full rental 4 a hot water heater that quit bein efficient 14 years ago. It sat on ground for 9 years till i poured cement floor n it was all rustrd 2 shit then. November 28th. is when it let go [hot water tank] thats 38 days as of 2day. I wonder what 2 charge 4 daily storage, $10.00/day sounds fair 2 me especially when i was only 2 wait till next day 4 them 2 haul it away. Its takin up space in my home n it belongs 2 them and since its some1 elses property im responsible 4 it. Well thats tomorrows prob. I brought my dogs in its goin down to -25 deg. 2nite. My buddy called so i b movin some funiture home. I'll have 2 store it here ,still have 2 finish my livin room. I must finish paintin hes got a gal of paint i wanna use maroon or somthin at least its not blood clot red like the paint i had. Well watch news n go to bed,he may come early. Hey Pebbles im glad your cat is doin good,did,nt mean 2 laugh when u said the cats was staggerin around. But it reminded me of a time we were havin a party here n one of my cats drank out of a beer glass. Talk about drunk he was justa staggerin,i put him in his bed he was alright next morn. I thought it could have killed him theres so much dog n cats cant eat cause its toxic. Well good-night.....n c u all 2morrow


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