Sunday, January 02, 2005

''RAIN - RAIN N MORE RAIN'' we gonna flood

Well hello n good-mornin ppl,n how is ur day startin out. Kansas must have heard me n kept their freezin rain n just sent the rain. As i look out my front winda i can c my driveway is startin to flood, mayb drain tile down the road is plugged. I'll have 2 go check after When we get rain or mild spell this time of year we get water that drains off the bluffs n the surroundin high ground. I dont have 2 feed my squarrels n birds 4 a few days ,their cleanin up all the seed that got snow covered. And my brothers back door n sidewalk should b bare of snow soon. Thats supposed 2 be his fire escape if need b. I better go check on him so ,i b back when i have somethin juicy 2 post. Even if i have 2 make some up...........later


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