Friday, February 04, 2005


Went 2 c my bro this morn 2 wish him happy b-day. Me n Sparky,Snoopy was roamin around in the bush,so he miss out. I'll keep them home tomorrow n take Bugs with me 2 go visit. He feels left out,i can tell by the way he barks.....poor 4gottin 1. He's just as big a suck as the udder 2. Picked up paper n got him 2 tape me some pron him 2 tape me new releases on movie channel. Got home n remembered i 4got why i went 2 c him. So i let my fingers do the walkin n wished him happy b-day. He's only 150 ft. away but i'd prob 4get what im posed 2''DAMN SOMETIMERS'' Another beaut of a day sunny peek now n agin n mild. My kind of weather. Im gonna attempt 2 send a B-day E-card 2 a bloggin buddy of mine. She helped me out when i screwed up my blog. I even totally lost it 1 time but i fluked n got it back. To this day i know not Well better check out chat n hit the sack. Or mayb watch a movie.....we'll c.............laterz peeps..........


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