Sunday, January 23, 2005


My plowman Scotty came by ,used his snow blower 2day. Did'nt relise how much snow was on my drive till after he was done. I was watchin tv n the light was blocked out 4 a sec. wondered WTF,thought may tv tower came down or somthin fell of the roof. Im still in process of paintin so i had my centre speaker n sub-woofer hooked up n did'nt hear Scotty come in. Even partial surround sound drowns out eveything. I miss Flight Of The Valkyries n Paint It Black on my surround in concert or stadium mode. When i do nets outside i put 1 speaker on window sill n open front door n the sound that comes through is great. I've had compliments from visitors n ppl walkin by. [As he puffs up his chest] Alright who said what chest,be nice, i know i could lose a few pounds. My only resolution 2 lose weight since i already quit drinkin n smokin cold turkey. I have no reson 2 Those tangents just sneak up on a guy. We had such high winds lately i was wonderin if my tower would stay up. My brother told me he ran out of propane no cookin n no heat. Luckly on a delivery day so only out a couple of hours. The delivery driver did'nt bother droppin gas off 2 him,bein Fri. he wanted off early. They said they fired him ya right. My bro went without gas for 2 weeks last winter cause of billing error on their part, mixed up with sombody else. Their attitude so what,more or less. They should have compensated him . They bought up other gas company so now they have monopoly in area,got u over a barrel. If u screw up 1'ce u pay cash from then on n u pay couple hundred $ if an emergency delivery. No matter who u deal with 4 whatever you'll c a nish gettin screwed. Better go n let my dogs in n let them settle me down. There is no better therapy than havin 2 cats n 3 dogs vyin 4 u attention. Or next best thing my grand-kids,just foolin,their tops . Well better go b4 another tangent shows up...........later....good-night n good weather.[Ted Baxter]


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