Saturday, January 29, 2005


My cat ''Mittens'' left last Sunday n been missin ever since. He;s never been gone that long b4 so i thought the worse. Thought road kill, dogs,owl's,coyote,wolf,fox, ass-h_ _es with pellet guns. But he back,not skinny like other times so i think some1 had him in their house [held against his will] lol. He did'nt smell like cedar this time,thats where he stays when he out Tom Cattin. Always the same cat at least he's faithful n so is she all kittens r usually black with same mark on chest as daddy. lol. It's been so cold he could have froze as well. I remember feelin like this when my sons were gone all week-end. It finally did happen to my oldest son,got run over by drunk driver. Revenge is best served cold but my youngest son beat me 2 the punch. So now he's doin time n not me. Which reminds me he'll b up 4 parole this year. We talk regular and he sounds happy now since he moved back 2 maximum which has been awhile now. He was in minimum security but they did'nt have any sort of programs cept 4 upgradin. He wanted 2 learn a trade 4 when he got out. In max he got his diploma n job trainin,now he knows how 2 lay ceramic floor,bath n kitchen n where ever else tile goes. So he got a payin job, when his boss is away he gets paid by studyin in his cell. It more then on hands trainin u got 2 use ur brain 2. In a month or 2 he go to camp a place with no fences or razor wire,across from where he was so happy 2 leave behind. But he has 2 go their till he moves across the road 2 camp. I'll b able 2 visit its only 4 hour drive from here n on way home stop off at Indian Casino..CHING,CHING,DING,DING,DING. Always win there another story at our local casino ,just go there 2 Well the snow has stopped but still cold as hell after it freezes over that is. Finally nice sunny days clear nights. Still hav'nt seen that comet. Have to go on line n look 4 best time n which direction. It was towards the south but might b diff now. I go 2 to get flyover time for shuttle in my area,all ya gotta do is click on big city nearest u. Gives u time,direction n angle n so on,really cool actually. Better go n let my doggies in, i hear the let us in bark...........laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....peeps.


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