Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I should check our local paper . They usually have a front page news item thats April fool . One year there was a flyin saucer over wiarton,killer whale in Colpoys bay,10 lb. gold nugget n the list goes on. Hey they'll b wakin Wiarton Willie up tomorrow 4 his yearly prediction. He better get it right or b gettin death threats if u want 2 check out wiarton willie. It so nice out lately he should c his shadow,now is that 6 more weeks of winter or early spring. I live in the area but still not sure. 3 years ago i went 2 my first Wiarton Willie Festival just 2 c what all the hub bub was about . Now that i know i need not go agin. Now i'll go 2 my first Maple Syrup Festival this year. I was at a dance there back in the 70's almost scrapped with the farmers. This is cattle country here . Most of them played hockey with the cape boys 4 years till they disbanded ''Bush League''. Ground hog day Feb.2nd. n my brothers b-day on the 3rd.. I guess i'll get him same thing he got me last year Only -5 2night so dogs r out,just bring in 2 eat n drink. My cats n dogs n me had old chedder cheeze n bologna[boloney] for a tv snack. Was watchin HellBoy off n on 2day. And no i never picked up a paint brush up 1nce but i cleaned my house swept n mopped my floors. Well jump on chat 4 a bit n catch up with the goins on of my chat family.........I'll catch yall tomorrow..........later.


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