Wednesday, January 26, 2005


What a blustery day it was ,snow blowin around. Still cold as hell. Dogs stayed out last night till 1am. when i felt sorry 4 them n i brought them in. My daughter told me a guy from the boundry road did'nt bring his dog in on those cold nights n it froze 2 death. Poor dog ppl like that should'nt own pets. My cat ''Mittens'' went out Monday night n not back yet,gone 2 knock up his girlfriend .lol. My daughter took 1 of the kittens of his n Jake is almost as big as his dad. Mittens dad was a smokey gray barn cat,he went from a kitten weigin a few onces. to a 20 lb. cat.he stood 16'' off the floor. But he lost a fight with a car. The new plow employee is doin a better job now that he's gettin used 2 the equipment. Does a nice neat job. He's about 5 years older than me n seein my niece doe's that make him my nephew, i call him neph n c what he Cousin stopped by n dropped off some fish carcasses 4 the dogs,talk about happy dogs. But they ate like they had been starvin,but they love fish. Especially when im cookin ,their all in kitchen [cats n dogs] watchin 2 make sure im doin it right. Its only gonna b -9 tonight n go to -30 thru the night. Hope ppl bring their pets in. Kerri ,Brady n Kirk got off the bus here while their mom went shoppin,always glad to c grandkids. Musta been why i made jello last night. They make me nervous they pick highest point on my deck n jump off into snow. My kids used 2 jump off roof of house when they were small. In the proces of watchin Terminator 1,2 n 3 so better finish 2 b4 bed. gn,ppl....Don't leave ur pets out in the cold.......later


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