Friday, June 24, 2005

''IM BAAAAAACK'' sort of.

Well,it's been awhile since my last post. Alot has happened ,i lost my browser n all the info therein. Then the following week i lose my blog due to a bug of some kind at were able to save my posts but not my template. So agin i lost another bunch of info. With my sometimers n all im havin hard time rememberin what all i had on my home page n how i put it So i have to learn how to backup my stuff. I got my flaming title up but it's not quite the same. Its gonna be a long process agin to get it back up to where it was.Would'nt be so bad but it took me months to get it this far. Only to lose it all in the blink of an eye. Been busy doin things other bein a Mouse Potato. Fixed my front deck ,thanx to a friend of mine. It was comin away from the house ,coulda been sittin or standin out there with coffee one morn n ended up on the ground. Another friend of mine had that happen,he had a party n him n his guests were sittin on his deck when it No 1 got hurt but the same guy built my deck,i wonder. One of the Native chat rooms im in a member lost her husband in Iraq so i sent her a little note. Although u never meet the ppl u chat with ,most times,but u get to know them from chattin. Don't know whats wrong with my keyboard ,i type somthin n a second or to later it comes up on screen. Got the final list of nominees for chief n council,6 running for chief n 28 running for council. July 15 or so is election day. My commitee gets disolved the same time as council so i have to re-apply to commitee agin. Peeps should be out campainging soon but not to many do that anymore. In the old days they would go house to house to drum up votes. I remember a lot a promises to vote for a person but end up he or she only got 5-6 votes out of the many Why don't i run for council they ask mayb next term but i cause nuff turmoil in commitee. Well better be it for now ,i gotta go out n finish my tomato plantin. Wanna go to get some compost for my plants. One good thing about that compost pile they made. Some ppl have used it n their gardens just took off. Catch ya later..


Blogger darcey said...

Welcome! No planting out here - still too damn wet

3:06 PM  

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