Friday, June 03, 2005


Still tired from late night chat Wednesday. Did it agin last night 5:00am this time. I don;t know why i bothered to go to bed ,it was gettin daylight in the swamp. Nomination the day after ,i phoned Band office to get a copy of nomination list e-mailed to me. Receptionist said she could'nt our tribal secretary said she did'nt think she knew how. Gaaaawd if all they had was printed sheet's ,some1 must have used a comp to type it out. So i thought from there u could e-mail. I asked is there a scanner in the band office, scan it into comp n send to me. But oh no they don't have a scanner ,i don't think they knew what i was talkin about. Fish assessment has one but not in office 2day. Technology is good if ppl at band office knew what they had n how to use it oh well what can ya do. My sis bless her heart musta had her digi cam at work cause she send me a pic of It woulda worked if i knew more about comps. It came as Occet somthin or other in zip file. An hour of screwin around i finally get it into my pictures. Good all i got to do now is resize it so i can read it n copy n paste and start forwardin. Then i find out u can't copy n paste the text from a picture. So b4 i threw my comp out the door i said FLOCK IT. And how the hell was ur day. One of the ppl runnin happened to be turnin around in my drive way. I was feedin my birds i finally could afford some Anyway ppl seem to think its a bad thing to use a drive way to turn around. And if u are outside n see them they feel obligated to tell ya what their doin. I don't care longs no donuts on my grass/lawn/rock garden. He stopped for awhile n talked n gave me a list n he supposed to e-mail me a copy.Rats
im gonna be forced to hand type it into comp myself. Yah right,10 ppl runnin for chief and 38 runnin for council. And no ,i was'nt nominated although if i was i'd have to decline. I can do just as much damage in commitee. mayb somthing to think about for the future. Mayb i shoulda i could use a repair loan. If i did ,i would'nt be in it to see what i could do for me. That is why im tryin my hand at a bussiness of my own. Which reminds me i better cut this short i gotta see a contractor for estimate n a laborer job.


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