Wednesday, June 08, 2005

''OH WHERE OH WHERE,can my browser be.

Here i sit wonderin what now. Lookin for my family tree ,i found alot of links from 1900-05 n b4 but not all in one spot so i had all these links saved on my old browser. Now i gotta start over agin. If i could afford to pay for those sites prob do it faster but. No money no funny they say. One thing about it, i found two other relatives tryin the same thing. One was adopted as a baby but knew his birth name and another tryin to find out about my aunt Maggies side of tree. We had our appreciation dinner after our last commitee meeting to=day. I went n got my grand-daughter out of school she was my date 2 years She got all dolled up that time,high heels n all. Pa Pa had on his old Jac Shirt n track pants. Salt pork gravey n all the fixin's n fry bread. Mayb i'll give Oz a call a self taught comp guy. Never tot to ask him last night when i called him. He gets all the old comps n monitors given to him by band office n programs. In return he share's the wealth by providin comps to ppl. So be back later ppl. Wish me luck in findin my


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