Thursday, June 02, 2005

''Thursday - NOMINATION DAY''

They held nominations 2day from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. I always thought it was an all day thing. But wont know anything till tomorrow,i;ll try n get list. Or try n get it e-mailed to me,make it easier to for-ward to ppl from home who are away. We send them a absentee voting pkg now so all our members can vote now. Somthin new just a few years ago u could'nt vote unless u lived here. I missed it cause i had to good get grub things were lookin grim. When u don't even have ketchup,mustard,relish and 6-7 assorted 1/2 full jars of pickles or what ever. And no fridge should be with out that bacteria culture growin in the back of the fridge. My dogs were gettin all of the smoked fish they could eat. Their coats are gonna be real shiny because the fish was real greasey. Im gonna have to put swat on their ear tips to keep flies from chewin them up. SWAT it gos on a flourescent pink color. And Sparky get mad at me when i put it on his ears. It bein bright pink his ears really stand out and him bein off white. He walks away from me wont look at me or come when i call. Mayb if it was a diff color. If ya want it u buy at
TSC stores. If the ears have open sores or bites just slather it on n around the wound. Besides bein a salve for sores it kills the flies when they try to bite agin. And the Hoof salve is good for dry nails toe or finger. And a salve they call Udder somthin is good for dry skin n callous on bottom of feet. There thats Dr. Teds home remedies.Well better get to bed early was on chat till 3-4am in 4 diff chat rooms......later


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