Thursday, June 09, 2005



An Indian fellow goes to a brothel one night, and finds himself a prostitute, He then asks the prostitute, "How much do you charge for the hour???"

She replies, "$100."

So he says, "Okay do you do Indian style?"

She says "No!!"

He then says to her, "I'll pay you $200 to do Indian style???"

She again says no, not knowing what Indian style is! So he then offers her $300, again she declines his offer. So finally he says, "I'll give you $500 to go Indian style with me."

Anyway she finally agrees thinking well she has been in the prostitution industry for over 10 years now, she has been there and done that, how bad could Indian style be... So she goes ahead, has sex with the Indian fellow , doing it in every kind of possible way and in every position.

Finally at the end after he has finished, she turns around and says to him. "What was the Indian style???? I mean did I miss something here?? What was so Indian style about what we
have done??"

He replies to her... I'll pay you tomorrow!!!!!


Anonymous Fenris Badwulf said...

What a tasteless and petty attempt at humor.

I suppose your making fun of our Aboriginal peoples you consider witty. But to mix them in with heteronormative fornication is abhorent.

You disgust me.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, the humor was there. though im not bothered as much as the commenter before me but i was going to ask in midst my reading, "way..what native actually has $500?"

- mick @

2:07 AM  
Blogger teddy makwa said...

fenris badwulf-
Meeg-Weetch- for ur comment fenris badwulf,may i ask what tribe u belong to. If im not mistaken wulf is german for wolf. From ur big words u seem well educated or well read anyway. Im sorry u can't find the humor in the joke. But i will not stop postin Nish joke's no matter how it may offend some ppl. I know the native i got the joke from will find it funny that he got a rise out of some1. I get my jokes from the 5 native chat rooms im in. U should make an attemp to make friends with a native n visit a REZ,if u think this joke was'nt to ur liking. Just wait till u get into a group of natives,no matter what tribe. Even if they don't know u will soon be part of a joke or the teasing about ur heritage,mom,dad,anything goes. I always took it a their way of showing acceptance. I've met many brothers n sisters from every corner of Turtle Island . Some of the brothers i had to fight b4 we became friends but that was part of the ritual i guess. But once they knew the teasing starts. If u can't take the teasin mayb best to stay away from THE REZ.I do this blog for me and no1 else,and if i offend some ppl so be it. I will lose no sleep over it because it is me. Well gotta chek my spam n jump on chat and get in on somemore of that tastless humour. Stop by anytime.

1:03 PM  
Blogger teddy makwa said...

anonomous said,he,he.
Hey Mick hows things goin. I don't know to many ppl here with $500.00 in hand unless ur employed at the Band Office. Don't have 5 cents I was wonderin if i could ask ya for some advice. I had firefox browser with all my links,favs,user names n passwords and she disappeared on me. Had to start from scratch agin. Would u know where i could hope fully find it in my comp. Bein a newbie ,im at a loss. I lost my blog 9-10 days ago n just got that back. had a bug n they couldnt save my template just my posts. There agin i lost every thing i had my home page which took me months of trial n error mostly error to put 2gether. Thanx Mick. Are ya still teachin the future of the Navajo Nation. Im always proud when i find out Nish are in jobs that was mostly held by non-natives b4. We have a few ppl in those types of jobs. But along with all that we still have a large drop-out rate here. It was diff when i got talked out of high school by guidance councilor. It was a diff time then,my dad give me the boot so thats when i left the Rez at 18. All u needed was job experience ,education was'nt needed. But now,im tryin to tell my g-kids to stay in school as young as they are ,it's never to early to start tellin them.Well better go ,Baam-pi ga-waub min [see ya later]...Teddy.

1:25 PM  
Blogger teddy makwa said...

Fenris Badwulf
I 4got to add there's a few Rez's in ur area Muncey,Oneida and Bucktown[Maraviantown.] and more a little further in general area...later...

6:05 PM  
Blogger mick said...


when he mentioned (fenris) aboriginal was a dead give away to his identity. what native calls themselves abs? i would say he's from down under..their proud of their aboriginal well being.

anyway, dude...let's see..about fox fire..try C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults ...given that you are on windows operating system.

yeah, and with every effort to make sure they get the best education even though i don't get paid effin' about it. i teach to the highest priority and vengence to help them pass the state standards (required for funding and promotion). yeah i hear you..the rez here is still plagued by high drop out rates. i blame the education system. the teachers here don't teach like they should.

oh i finally added you to my links..i considered a long time but i got lazy.

- mick @

1:31 AM  
Blogger darcey said...

Whoa Teddy pretty raw! Hee hee!

9:28 AM  
Blogger Pebbles said...

I didnt find anything wrong with that joke. People need to learn how to laugh and stop being so damn uptight! My god... Would it of been funny if this joke was about white people??? I bet it would of been! Its ok to laugh at jokes about whites but god forbid you laugh at a joke about an indian! I am both white and indian and i dont get offended by either! Let go of the race crap for once people! Its getting old.

5:18 PM  

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