Monday, May 30, 2005


What a beaut of a day 2day,bright,clear and cool. My grass needs cuttin agin all the dandylions are up. Only weed i know that ducks when lawn mower is around. And the next day ur yard is fulla them standin straight n tall. I got bz so i did'nt make it over to the meeting. I talked to the chief about the e-mails i sent him. Due to a lengthy meeting he said they never got to it or other things on the agenda. Plus a few ppl missin so almost never had a quarum to hold meeting. So it will be on agenda for next meeting. Election in July so tryin to get all the t's crossed n the i's dotted. But i'll stay on there case so i can get some kind of answer. I hear all the Band Programs got out-dated comp's layin around gatherin dust. So i am gonna see if i can snag a couple with monitors. Not sure what kinda comp's they'd need or whats in them. Hope-fully they be better than my [333 megahertz Intel Pentium II]. If i knew than what little i know now i would have kept my old comp. But not knowin better,i thought it was junk. I wanna try n run two comps at once or at least see if i can get two running side by each. Another slow news day,i guess thats a good thing for Poundmaker, like they say no news is good news.......later.


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