Sunday, May 29, 2005


Well try agin my firefox shut down on me so i lost the post i had started. Here i was waitin for church bus n never came. I was with the minister[Maggie a Cree girl married 1 of the boys here] n Norma on Friday. 4got they had a church meeting on Sat. so be to tired for church unless it's all weekend meeting. Kids went to Sauble Beach Amusments for Kirks b-day. Water slide n go-karts to keep the kids happy. They went to Story-Book Park but they want an arm n a leg for admission. Use to be farily cheap place to take kids till greed set in. Same thing happens all the time soon as somthin gets popular the price goes up. Same with food or a new product new restaurant whatever soon as the got ya hooked the price goes up.

Speaking of groceries Lance from Catprint in the Mash delivered some needed grub n other supplies to the ppl at Poundmaker. And he wrote of his adventures,even admitted he got lost. And took some nice photos better to see than me tryin to Other than that news from there is scarce due to week-end,i figure anyway. Goes to show how little i know about other Rez's history Tyrone Tootoosis set the history books straight and told what really happened read ''Update from Tyrone Tootoosis:'' at bottom of page. After all the beautiful pics,not what i was expecting. It's not all flat as far as ya can see,at least not the northern part. Thats it i guess if i missed anything ,i'll post it tomorrow......later.


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