Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Still hot as ole hell here n no break any time soon. Sposed to get thunder storms but think they will blow by.Perfect tornado weather when hot meets cold damned if i know if cold will get here .Been hoverin around 35+never even reached 30 deg. all last summer accordin to weather man. But when is a weather man women ever right. In my chat room got a snide remark from a guy from Arizona about our 100 deg. heat. I know it gets 105 - 110 there but we feel just as un comfortable with our heat. I bet he be dressed like those Jamacan's that come up here to pick apples n work on fruit farms. Not makin fun but they dress for winter when we in t's n shorts. Good workers though they do work no1 else will do. Used to be Injin's did those jobs. Well l guess i watch news n see how much worse the floodin gettin out west. Here im bitchin about the heat n there r others worse off. Some may lose their homes or valuables from flood damage. Mayb all the rain out west will bring our lake levels up to where they should be. Global warmin any1 thinkin the same thing i am. We had more snow than last year but not as bad as the east coast between snow,sleet n real ice storms. Another reason i want to get a wood furnace if we gonna start gettin worse winters i wanna be ready. Day After Tomorrow comes to mind,oh,oh. We used more hydro in this province than we can produce gonna get worse with more A/C's workin over time. Black outs agin this summer.we already have light blinkin off n on. Just yesterday morn as a matter of fact,my vcr clock was blinkin/ Well save some bitchin for tomorrow.


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