Tuesday, December 13, 2005


My daughter Sheila phoned and asked if i wanted to go for a ride. Talia my g-daughter was playin a concert at her old public school. Hard to believe she in Gr.9. God that means im gettin old..............er. She takes music in school and in public school when she was there. To bad they don't have that on Cape. They asked the school here if they could come and do a concert. But no body answered back. Anyway did they ever sound good a little off key but good just the same. She played the recorder i think,she plays about 4-5 different instruments. Gonna ask her to come visit and play me something. Daylin her bro also takes music. He want a guitar n Amplifier for x-mas. Good thing they got a big shop beside the house. My future rock star and my concert musician. Now wonder what Kyle will play. Next week they'll be in their brand spankin new school. Public/High-School,boy is it ever a big building. Mayb i'll phone school and see if those kids are comin to play. I got a housing meeting tonight starts at 5 pm and home by 10 pm. I like being in committee's,have to make hard decisions sometimes. But not first time i ever pissed some1 off. Prob wont be the last either. Got public works on Friday right after council which is in the am. Had an Roads employee raise his voice at me about not being able to work over time hours. He was drivin for my plowman that mornin. I told him it was councils decision. Besides i'd sooner Roads Dept. pay $11.00/hr for casual labour than time and 1/2 ,double time for statutory holidays. Were in a financial crunch on this Rez every1 has to try and save money. Every program is running on less money than they need. We need to get our land claim settled then we could tell Indian Affairs and Canadian government to ''GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY''. They been making us and every Rez on Turtle Island Suck Hole for far to long. Geeze i hav'nt used that phrase in a long time,i dont even hear it any more.........Well time to jump on chat and see if there's any drama......


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