Friday, October 29, 2004

Back 2 Work Sort Of

Well got a few hours in this week,hopfully more next. Were shutting down 4 jan.,feb., n mar.,. try n get enough hours in to qualify 4 the dole. need about 150 hours or so. next year when i start my own business,things will be better. i won't have to depend on the job so much although i will keep working,being a co-op member n all. i still believe in what were trying 2 do, and still on the board . i hope i get voted back in at our AGM in jan. if not i can still raise hell as a member,hard somtimes. when u know what needs 2 b done but employees have other ideas. we had fish 2day that had 2 b packaged ,boxed n put away in freezer. i asked 4 help,said it had 2 b put away 2day but everyone had other things 2 do, a least now if it goe's bad it's deducted off there pay. we had guys almost begging us 2 buy there fish ,but had 2 say no,if 4 peeps can't do 1000 to 1500 lbs. of fish in 2 days how they gonna do 2000 to 2500. when we had 10 peeps no prob,but as a business that 2 many peeps , all profit goes 2 wages. should cost 50 to 60 cents to process a lb. of fish not $ 1.50. ENOUGH RANTING change subject,that was some eclipse last nite my 3 noisy dogs were real quite,think they were scared. u could really see the stars after full eclipse.was a cool nite at least no snow yet knock on wood. go oil so let it snow ,still have 2 get my wood furnace in. either hook up 2 oil furnace or put in another chimney,which im starting to think is a better idea and cheaper. better if power goes off,won't need blower. well better sign off another day in the salt mines ,besides it's payday at least i won't feel guilty about mine.....later


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