Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I got my bcr on monday,still have to hurry up and wait. not gettin it till thur. it has to be signed by grand puh-bah n the little puh-bahs. cost $7.00 n change for priorty post may get there in one day. then i wait again till april, hope i get good news this year. i will get good news ,by this time next year i'll be in operation 6 months. and well on my way to financial independance,me and my 1 or two employees. had a board meeting ,finally had quarum,had to make some hard decision,s. had to be done to stay in business. staff won't like but if they want a job to go back to it has to be . if not don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. wish some would quit there just dead weight ,wrong attitude to be a good worker,and lazy. be able to hire people who will work for less and be better employees,untill were flush next spring. were gonna offer bonuses,we have to process so much at a certain cost for oct.,nov., and dec. and by feb. we should be spending our own money. if i get voted back in as board member at our next agm ,i can handle my business and also my board duties. i've done it so far while employed full time. if not i still have my membership and still be able to give my two cents. i still have unwavering faith in what were doing as do the other board of directors,,. we knew going in it was'nt gonna be easy that it would 5 years before we saw a turnaround. thats what we gave ourselves,although one of us wanted to get to big picture as soon as possible,but you can't. baby steps. by this time next year we'll be laughing, and we'll be glad we stuck it out. i say.....later


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