Saturday, November 06, 2004

another weekend -what 2 do

It's after midnight n all's well in the world. other than the election results. another 4 more years of war. and our prime minister already suckin up. better change color might not show up on blog. lets try this,i can see. i blogged an english teacher one time,never heard back. could it be because i reinvented the english language. i have spell check,but i figure u guys can decipher what ever i try 2 put across. if he checks in i probably got a failing grade. my cuz found me the employees wanted their paychecks signed good thing he found me i even had 300.00 dollies comin. i really was not hidin,was next door checkin on my brother n tryin 2 talk him in2 lettin me try his scooter, but no go. can he motor on that thing bet he could make it 2 town in no time. well ordered some oilies 4 when i start guttin fish, but with the high winds till monday . don't look 2 good 4 work. that means yard work,have 2 under brush around my house,cut the bush back get rid of skeeters. i can buy dog food tomorrow my dogs were startin 2 lick their lips every time i or the cats walked my pets never go hungry i can always throw them a fish sicle they 'd sooner eat fish anyway. same with my cats as long as fish is cooked n cut into bite size pieces. damn there spoiled as soon as i get pics of my furry kids ill post them,er try n post. said was gonna work on blog 2day ,don't know what happened. sat. 4 sure after shoppin maybe i better start x-mas shoppin 4 grand kids, 9 mcdonalds gift certificates, im not that cheap. they all ready call me ""EL CHEAPO"" ha ha no they don't.............i hope.
wally mart here i come, our bucks up 2, .83 cents. i remember when it was 1.05 -1.10 american,. was gonna watch mad max thunder dome , at least i heard it while blogging. so has any body checked out nawash .ca . it's 1:00am n creepshow's on or demon seed, check mail n relax n watch movie. catch yall to mo ro ..............later


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