Friday, November 05, 2004

high winds no giigooh [fish]

I had hoped 2 get a few hours of work in this week but no luck, maybe next week. with the high wind the tugs and the punts can't get 2 their nets or they pulled them out, not goin 2 settle down till sun. or mon. payday tomorrow except 4 me [what can i sell] anyone out there want buy a slightly used heinz 57 pure bred husky-chow x mutt. just kidding b like sellin my kid. they'll b lookin 4 me 2 sign there checks tomorrow wonder how much to charge 4 my signature,mmm, maybe i'll just go n hide somewhere.i'm not that mean. i guess i could work construction ,i think my buddy has some septic beds n water lines 2 put in. i have lots of experience in different kinds of jobs 2 fall back on but i got no where 2 fall. with all this free time guess i'll work on my blog see if i can add a few things 2 make it more inviting. either that or totaly screw it up. if u notice #'s here n there my bud put those there so i know where im puttin things. it's been hit n miss mostly miss. shoot im missin Trailer Park Boys the guy with thick glasses ''bubbles'' reminds me of my cuz. time 2 go my movie startin soon. hey woody think we can pick up furnace sat or sun. ....later


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