Tuesday, November 02, 2004

i still have mailbox

Well they left my mailbox alone,it still attached 2 post. no work today ,no fish came in i guess. need 2 get some oilies maybe make cash guttin fish again this year. they paid $6.00 N 6.50 / 100lb. packer depending on who u gut 4. they really hate to pay. soon as the fish runs on the buyers drop the price they pay,end up gettin peanuts 4 ur fish. every year the same damn thing n they don't lose any profit the buyers. once our co-op gets flush we will b able 2 help our fishermen n fisherwomen. it's a pain when u have no steady income,oh somthing will turn up. was on micmac chat or native american chat friends can't remember which but got e-mail from a guy from my rez. i was wonderin if i'd ever hear from nish from back home. just waitin 2 hear from others out there,maybe even some ex's most of them ,we parted on good terms. any one out there ever work for structural contracting from 83 or 84 passmore, agincourt. maybe tepperman wrecking,cherry beach toronto. or work at booze can on 86 mutual,316 george or 372 george. or maybe the jamacan booze can at king n straun. well enough relivin ole times ,n time 4 bed....later


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