Wednesday, November 03, 2004


If u ask most canadians about the american election,they now more about it than they knew about our own. up here in my area u vote 4 the best of the worst. and it ends up being a history thing,the party that did not have 2 bad of a red neck,got our vote. our conservative party mp hopefull knew ,worked n went 2 school with members of our rez. since he's a newbie in federal politics it won't b till next year we find out if he was a help 2 us or his constituents.
i'll b watching the results myself,i've listened 2 or read his [KERRY] agenda concerning native americans,if he's true 2 his word maybe it will rub off on our polititions. maybe once he's in is the only way 2 find out. maybe he'll turn into ARNIE from KALI FORRR NEEYAAA. never knew he disliked natives,another 1 that 4got where he came from. i find sometimes even our own people turn apple [ red on outside white on inside] once they get elected. and tow the party line cause they know who pays them. up here last year a native political association got deep budget cuts cause they tried to go against the party in power.
well change the tone of my mini rant. what 2 do wed,all the boats pulled their nets out because of the high winds. that means no fish at the plant. someone offerd me some venison but can't remember who,maybe i dreamt it. my years of debauchery catching up 2 me,but did i ever have fun debauching my knew word,i heard it's good 2 make up or learn a new word every day n use it in a sentance. "HEY WOODY" u out there,is ur man winnin. bush ahead 52 to 47 at 11:13pm. but it's early n it's close. still anybodys race. speaking of race hey pebbles are u nascar fan. i did'nt see as many races this year as last. even that race is a close one 4 championship. guess i'll relax in bed n watch the election results, the 1 that gets in will affect this country,even if most people don't think it so. hate 2 let my dog out 2 p on trees cause i know he'll come n shake off his coat beside me......later


Blogger Pebbles said...

Hi there! No im not a Nascar fan but my dad and brother do watch it. Sometimes i turn on car racing just to watch how fast they go because its kinda facinating to me.

7:16 PM  

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