Wednesday, January 19, 2005

''Chwesday n the sun's out'' cont.

Still cold n snowin a bit,not enuff 2 worry about. My aunt reached out n touched me almost did'nt answer. I don't usually answer unknown name or number calls. I figure if they don't want me 2 c their name or number than they dont need 2 talk 2 me. Besides its always a bill collector,salesperson, friend or relative lookin 4 previous owner of my phone #. Anyway my aunt asked me about birthdays which i have written down. I can barely remember my bday let alone my kids n g-kids. I found out i missed Dougies b-day on Jan.13, Jeeze he's 12 years old already. Seems like yesterday he was crawlin around my drive way in a snow storm while we shoveled 2 keep ahead of the storm. By next year he'll b taller than me,he gonna b a big boy. My cousin already hires him 2 help lift nets. Out of a punt he can make 100.00-200.00 bucks a day. My cuz has 2 tell him not 2 spend his money foolishly,after all he is still a kid. I think thats good hes workin ,u never 2 young to learn what work is. Long as he does'nt overdo it he still growin. I'll get him somthin when i get some cash. I may b forced 2 return 2 crime 2 make a livin. lol JUST KIDDIN. Well gonna go out n c if its clear enuff 2 c the comet........later


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